Teaching Experience: While I have taught micreconomics, macroeconomics, public finance and econometrics at Yale, Carnegie-Mellon and Wesleyan, I have most enjoyed teaching my one semester calculus based introductory economics course at Wesleyan University.

  •   Chester D. Hubbard Professor of Economics and Social Science, Wesleyan University
  •  Visiting Professor, Yale University's School of Management
  •  Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University
  •  Assistant Professor and Cowles Foundation Research Associate, Yale University
  •  Teaching Assistant, Stanford University

  • Degrees: BA Reed College, MA Stanford University, Ph.D. Harvard University

    Professional Activities:
    Picture of Lovell's Hall (the Ancestral Home ??)
    Not this Lovell's House
    Sir Thomas Lovell, Chancellor of the Exchequer

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