Economics 105: Economics
    - A Mathematical Introduction, Fall, 2000-2001

Time: MWF, 11:00-11:50, Room: Fisk 302

  Michael Lovell: Email: MLovell@Wesleyan; Phone (860) 685-2355
Office Hours: Mondays, 1:30-2:30; Thursday: 11:00-11:50 and by appointment, Room 308 PAC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introduction to economic analysis for students with a strong mathematical background. The determination of market equilibrium and the level of aggregate economic activity will be studied as a basis for analyzing current economic policy problems such as inflation, unemployment, pollution, rent control, and rationing.
This is not a course in mathematical economics; rather, it is a course for students whose background in the calculus facilitates the learning of economics.  This course is smartened up, not dumbed down.

This course is being substantially revised for the fall of 2000-2001.
Instead of a standard non-calculus based introductory economics textbook, there will be two major readings:

  1. Economics with Calculus: Pre-publication chapters of a calculus based introductory economics text I am writing will be available for downloading from the Web or in course packets that can be purchased at Atticus.
  2. Economics 00/01: Annual Editions (ISBN  0-07-236513-7).  This paper back has a number of current event articles on wide-ranging economic issues, a glossary of economic concepts, and a guide to World Wide Economic Web Sites.
As always, there will be a sizable number of problem sets.

While much will be different, much will be the same; therefore, you may find it informative to click below to see Old Problem Sets, Handouts etc. from last year.

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