Econ 110 Handouts, fall 2006-7
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Calculus Self Test/Study Guide: DueFriday, September 8th, at the latest

Chapter 2 Problems: Due Noon, Sept 13th (Read Ch 2 by Sept 7th, Section 2.4 optional)
Chapter 3 Problems: Due Noon, Sept 20th (Read Ch 3 first);  Some Answers
Chapter 4 Problems: Due Noon, Sept 27th (Reach Ch 4 first), Some Answers; Some Indfference Curve Maps
Chapter 5: AccountingSpreadsheet
Quiz #1, 10/3/06
Chapter 5 Problems: Due Noon, Oct 11, Some Answers
Chapter 6 Problems: Due Noon, Oct 20, Some Answers;
Oligop Game
Chapter 7 Problems: Due Noon, October 26, Some Answers (PDF File)
Chapter 8 Problems: Due 9:00 AM, November 2, Manipulating Price Indexes (PDF); Some Answers (PDF)
Chapter 9 Problems: Due Noon, November 8; Input-Output Analysis (optional); Some Answ
ers (PDF)
Chapter 10 Problems: Due 9:00 AM, November 21st; Table 10.1, Some Answers
Chapter 11 Problems: Due Noon, November 29th, Some Answers
Quiz #2: 11/14/06
Chapter 12 Problems: Due Noon, December 8th, Some Answers
FINAL: 12/18/2006;  Answers

Excel Spreadsheets and Graphs
Supplemental graphs and spreadsheets for various chapters of the text
Old Exams: Caution, the past is not a reliable predictor of the future.
Your Writing Project: Prospectus Oct 12th, Peer Review  Nov 20th, and final draft Dec 4 Topics

Great Reads and DataLinks: Short Articles and Links to sources of pertinent government statistics
EconAlcove.ppt: Photo shows where to pickup Class Handouts & turn in Poblem Sets in the Econ-Soc Alcove of the PAC (Power Point)

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