Economics with Calculus

by Michael C. Lovell, Wesleyan University 

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Links to Errata!, Inserts, and Commentary;
         Teacher's Corner: Sample syllibus, tests, questions and answers, etc.
Links to Calculus reviews:
Tsvetlanka Karagyozova's "Calculus Review"; Steven J. Silver's "Introduction to Calculus..."

Links to Supplemental Materials:
Student Article Reports: Student reports generated in response to the exercise at the end of Chapter 1
ExcelColorGraphs and Spreadsheets: Some textbook graphs enhanced with color, including Monopolistic Competition and Monopsony.
Several spreadsheets supplement the material presented in the text on the gains from trade, manipulating price indices, business cycles, annuities & life insurance, portfolio diversificaton and the stock market.
Just in Time Syllabus (JITS): This pedagogical approach is said to allow instructors to develop and integrate active learning strategies that will engage students in current economic problems and cases. It encourages students to employ critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate these resources. Assignments connected with a Just-in-Time Syllabus require student participation in the learning process, not only through reading and writing but also through discussions about what they are learning and the development of collaborative solutions to current cases or problems.
Matrix Multipliers: For readers with a background in matrix algebra, this supplement expands on the concept of the multiplier that is developed in chapter 9.
Mike Lovell's Web Sites: Updates the sites listed in Appendix B, p 595: Web Resources.
Software: Oligop computer game; Oligop.exeEconoland
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