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There is no Instructor Manual, no Student Workbook, and no other auxiliaries accompanying Economics with CalculusFor that matter, there is no DVD with videos of the author. But it's priced right.  Besides, there are advantages, including both cost and flexibility, in presenting supplements on the internet rather than as hard copy.

While the Preface contains much information about using this text in the classroom, my Annotated Table of Contents presents a chapter by chapter summary of how and why I approach particular topics:
Annotated Table of Contents

Here are links to course handouts and tests that instructors may find helpful in developing a course based on my text:
     Economics 110, Fall, 2006Contains all my handouts, quizzes and answers, supplements etc.
    Lovell's Older Course: Economics 105, Fall, 2001   
    Tsvetlanka Karagyozova's Course, 2005:
ExcelColorGraphs: Some textbook graphs enhanced with color, including Monopolistic Competition and Monopsony                   that are ready to show in the classroom.  I will be happy to provide any adopter a DVD containing PDF files of all the graphs in the text

Also available are two old computer programs:
    Econoland (Macro simulation):

    Oligop (Market simulation): oligop.pdf

There were two many errors in the first printing of the text: ErrataEconcalcWeb.pdf
Most were corrected in the 2nd printing but some survived into the second printing: Errata2.pdf

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