Economics with Calculus
by Michael C. Lovell, Wesleyan University
Cloth: ISBN 981-238-825-7; Paperback: ISBN 981-238-857-5; 613 pages

This textbook provides a calculus-based introduction to economics.  Students blessed with a working knowledge of the calculus find that this text facilitates their study of the basic analytical framework of economics.   While the content is similar to that of conventional introductory economic textbooks, the assumption that the reader knows and enjoys the calculus distinguishes this book from the traditional text.

• Undergraduates with a working knowledge of calculus
• As a supplemental read for calculus empowered students enrolled in a traditional micro or macro economics course
• Graduate business school students with strong quantitative skills
• Anyone with a quantitative bent who enjoys reading about economics and business developments in the popular press but wants to take a deeper and more structured look at how economists analyze the way the system works.

Scope:  The textbook examines a wide range of micro and macro topics, including prices and markets, equity versus efficiency, Rawls versus Bentham, accounting and the theory of the firm, optimal lot size and just in time, monopoly and competition, exchange rates and the balance of payments, inflation and unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy, IS-LM interaction, aggregate demand and supply, speculation and rational expectations, growth and development, exhaustible resources and over fishing.

About the author: While Mike Lovell has taught micro economics, macro economics, public finance and econometrics at Yale, Carnegie-Mellon University and Wesleyan University, he has most enjoyed teaching his one semester calculus based introductory economics course at Wesleyan.

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