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Some Links to Papers:
(See also, JSTOR and http://ideas.repec.org/e/plo109.html#articles)
 Social Securitiy's Five OASI Inflation Indexing Problems , Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, Vol. 3, 2009-3
A Simple Proof of the FWL (Frisch-Waugh-Lovell) Theorem  Journal of Economic Education
Optimal Lot Size, Inventories, Prices and JIT Under Monopolistic Competition International Journal of Production Economics, 2003
Economic Discomfort and Consumer Sentiment, (with Pao-LinTien), Eastern Economic Journal, 1998
Researching Inventories: Why Haven't we Learned More?
International Journal of Production Economics,  1994
 Inequality Within and Among Nations, Journal of Economic Inequality, 1998
 On University Endowments
Minimum Wage, Teenage Unemployment and the Business Cycle, Wesetern Economic Journal, June 1970
Product Differentiation and Market Structure Wesetern Economic Journal, December 1972<>
The Role of the Bank of England as Lender of Last Resort in the Financial Crises of the 18th Century, Explorations in Economic History
  •   Cowles Foundation Papers: #169,#179, #198, #209,#245

  • Principal Areas of Research (More breadth than depth) :
  •  Reforming Social Security
  •  Econometric study (pre-cleometrics) showing the Bank of England first acted as the Lender of Last Resort in the crisis of 1763
  • Methodological problems of pre-testing bias (with Edward Prescott), seasonal adjustment (FWL theorem) and Data Mining
  • Determinants of inventory investment using individual firm data as well as industry and GDP aggregates
  • Multi-sector comparison of the effects of just-in-time and S,s inventory policies on the volatility of the business cycle
  • Optimal lot size, inventories, prices and JIT under monopolistic competition
  • Empirical tests challenging the assumption of rational expectations
  • Pioneered the first CPI Futures Market in 1970 (with Robert Vogel)
  • Effects of the minimum wage and demographic shifts on teenage unemployment
  • Theories on the effects of an endogenous money supply on both the business cycle and the process of forced saving
  • Economics of product differentiation and resulting market failures
  •  Optimal lot size, prices, and inventories under Monopolistic Competition
  •  A Keynesian Theory of Forced Savings (Seigniorage)
  • Theory of optimal franchises
  • Invoked the median voter hypothesis to explain how the distribution of income affects the tax-price of public goods and voter decisions about how much a community should spend on public education
  • How teacher pensions subsidize educational inequality (with Cheryl Duncan)
  • Using the Cobb-Douglas production function in explaining the production of economic literature and the rate of depreciation of journal articles and Ph.D’s
  • Using citation evidence to predict the selection of Nobel Laureates in economics and to rank journals, articles and economics departments
  • On taxing marriages - the IRS marriage tax and the IRS dowry
  • Computer assisted instruction software as a Public Good

  • I believe that this wide range of research topics reflects in large measure the inquiring nature of the students whom I have been privileged to teach but from whom I have learned more than I have taught.

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