Econ 280-02: Handouts and Related Material
Spring, 1998-99
Module Date Distributed Comments
Syllabus January 22, 1999 Module Dates will be revised
Registration Form January 20, 1999 (On back of Green E270 form)
Net Links for Stats (Continuously revised) Where to Find it on the Net
Module #1 January 25, 1999 Getting Started
Module #2 January 27, 1999 Internet; Data Sources
Module #3 February 5, 1999 Word Processing
Word Tip Sheet February 5, 1999 Word Processing Tips and Tricks
How To (Continuously revised) Answers to Frustrating Questions
Module #4 February 18th Electronic Spreadsheet ~ Excel
Class Data February 19th E280 Class Data, Module #4 (Excel)
Mod4Dat February 19th Data for Module #4 (Excel File) 
Actuary February 26th (revised) Actuary Data, Module #4 (Excel File)
Using Excel February 19th Using Electronic Spreadsheets - Excel
Excel Actuary Tips March 2nd Help with Module #4, Advanced
How to Use Eviews Preliminary About the Eviews Econometric Package
CD-ROM in Olin March 19th CD-ROM & Manuals in Olin
Module #5 March 29th Eviews Econometric Package
Eviews Output April 2nd Interpreting Eviews Output
Using Mathematica April 12th How to Run Mathematica
Module #6 April 12th Mathematica

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Last update: April 12, 1999