ECONOLAND is a Freeware Program that was created to give both beginning and advanced students of macroeconomics an opportunity to test their policy skills on a PC.
© 1986,1997, Michael Lovell, Wesleyan University
WHERE IS ECONOLAND?   ECONOLAND is located in the PC Galaxy, halfway between the simplified models of the economic textbook and the real world.  You will find that ECONOLAND is not the paradise of Shangri-La.

ECONOLAND is susceptible to unacceptably high rates of unemployment.  And inappropriate policies can precipitate a dangerous inflationary spiral. 

Your success in managing the economy will be appraised in terms of what happens to the unemployment rate and inflation as summarized by the Economic Discomfort Index.  Can you do better than the administration in Washington?

Warning:  Any resemblance between ECONOLAND and the Real World may be no more than coincidental.  The ECONOLAND program is definitely not a forecasting device --- if you want forecasts, look into a crystal ball, consult your favorite astrologer, or hire the consulting services of Data Resources Incorporated (DRI) or Wharton Econometrics.  While macroeconomic forecasters often boast that their models captures the essential features of the United States economy, no exaggerated claims are made for ECONOLAND.

Structure: In ECONOLAND, as in Washington, economic policy makers do not know the exact structure of the economy.  Conceivably, much might be learned by studying the historical data generated by simulation runs.  You may inspect the historical data by clicking Economic Indicators.  But as a practical matter, it may be best to try and learn about ECONOLAND structure through trial and error simulation experiments --- take charge and see what happens.
Challenging Assignments: Once you have completed the four Training Missions you are prepared to put your macro policy skills to the acid test.  The Econoland Program offers eight challenging assignments providing ample opportunity to test, rethink, and refine your economic policy making skills.  You may be confronted with a massive OPEC orchestrated hike in petroleum prices, technological unemployment, or the demands of War!

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FREEWARE:  The Econoland program is available without charge to college and university economics faculty interested in using the program for instructing their students.  BUT its an old program. It runs, but it has a few rough spots.
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